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What is data mining?
It is a process of analyzing a particular set of data and convert into a structured form so that people can use it easily.

What is the actual task of data mining?
The actual task of data mining is to identify patterns and then present those patterns in such a way that could be beneficial for businesses and individuals. A large set of data is extracted through a data extraction system from a source (let’s say sales system from our previous example) is always in raw form and portrays several unknown patterns. Data mining identify those patterns, which later on can be used to answer several problems.

What is data extraction?
Data Extraction is a process of retrieving data (quantifiable or non-quantifiable) out of the data sources (web). Normally, over the web, data is scattered in documents, PDFs, scanned text, mainframe reports, spool files, etc.

Why is data extraction important for my business?
Data extraction is vital for strategic decision making. It is also very important for competitors’ analysis. It also helps to catalog things in a better way.

What is a data warehouse?
A data warehouse is a company which helps you in data extraction through different data mining techniques.

What is a data extraction system?
A data extraction system is a process through which a data warehouse extracts data from a resource. This resource could be any website, online system or database.

Why do I need to hire a data warehouse for data extraction?
Modern day systems are complex and huge. It will take hours to manually extract data from those systems or websites. Data warehouse build customized scripts and algorithms that extract required data in minutes.

Why it is important to get a customized extraction process?
Every business requires different kind of data from different type of resources. Therefore, it is wise to get a customize extraction process which helps you according to your need.
How will data extraction help my business growth?
Business growth is directly dependent on several strategic decisions. CEOs, CTOs and CFOs are the people responsible for making such decisions. They do not jump to any decision without getting real insights for that decision. Data Extraction helps businesses extract useful insights out of the data, and later on helps to make strategic decisions based upon those insights.

Can data mining help in solving a problem?
Yes, data mining is a comprehensive tool that can help you identify the causes of a certain problem and later on helps you sort that problem with a probable solution. For example, Emart a South Korean retailer were facing low sales, they collected and analyze the data from their sales system to find significant drop in sales during lunch hours. They found the actual reason for low sales through a data mining system.

What is eBay extraction?
eBay is one of the world’s leading auction-based ecommerce website. eBay extraction is a process through which people extract data from eBay’s website.

What kind of data eBay extraction collects?
The data extracted from eBay website includes business’ information, price comparison, client reviews, products’ snapshots, and shipment details.

What is web scraping?
Web scrapping is a technique to extract large amount of data from websites.

Why do we need web scraping?
There are giant ecommerce websites offering thousands of products to businesses and individuals. Websites like Amazon, eBay, Alibaba, and TradeKey to name a few. These types of website contains huge amount of data and information, to comprehend this sort of data manually is impossible. Therefore, we use web scrapping technique to collect necessary information from such websites.

How can we use web scraping?
We can use web scraping for online price comparison, contact scraping, weather data monitoring, website change detection, research, web mashup and web data integration.